Top Facts about Vitamins

30 Jul

Vitamins are organic chemical compounds that are found in foods. The vitamins are essential food components that are required by the body to enhance its immunity. Vitamins should always be sourced from various types of food because the body only produces a very small fraction of them and at times it rarely do. Such type of vitamins which can be acquired externally include Vitamin D which can only be acquired from the sunlight since the vitamin is rarely found in foods or rather if found, is only under very low quantities. There are various types of vitamins which all have their respective purposes in the body of an organism. Additionally the various types of vitamins are required in different or varying quantities for them to satisfy their respective purposes.

In fact there are thirteen types of vitamins which have varying uses in the body of an organism. More info about vitamins is that they can either be soluble in water or soluble in fat. Often the vitamins which are soluble in fat are easily stored in the body compared to the water soluble vitamins. What makes vitamins be regarded as organic is because they contain carbon amounts in them. There are also artificial sources of vitamins apart from foods. An example is the vitamin supplements where one can be prescribed to use the supplements by a medic. Vitamins are very important in the normal body metabolism. Visit this website about supplements.

Under the two types of América Vitaminas that is the fat and water soluble vitamins, is good to note that the fat vitamins are stored in the body at the fat tissues and importantly the liver. An example of vitamins stored in the fat tissues include the vitamin A, E, D, and vitamin K. This is because these vitamin nutrients are soluble in fat. The other type of vitamins that is the soluble vitamins in water, are not stored in the body for long. These types of nutrients are commonly excreted from the body through urination and these type of nutrients require to be replaced severally. An example of the water soluble vitamins are the Vitamin C and B.

There are several types of vitamin B and all these types serve definite purposes in making sure that the body is under strong immune system and satisfying other nutrient requirements. The dietary sources of vitamins from are determined by the body requirements specified. It is good to ensure a balanced diet in order to achieve the need of vitamins. Most vitamins can be acquired from fruits and other vegetables.

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